Resistor Shortage: Sustained shortage of electronic components

Resistor Shortage: Sustained shortage of electronic components

Compared to DRAM, NAND Flash, and FPGA, the availability of passive components; such as resistors, MLCC, and antennas, was not of any concern within the electronics industry. These passive components are just basic building blocks within every electronic product providing minimal impact on the complexity of the design. However, the persistent shortage of passive components…

L-R: Shay Wolfling, Rick Gottscho, Mark Dougherty, Gary Zhang, David Shortt. Photo credit: Coventor, a Lam Research company.

2018-2022 The Next 5 Years Of Chip Technology

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the future of scaling, the impact of variation, and the introduction of new materials and technologies, with Rick Gottscho, CTO of Lam Research; Mark Dougherty, vice president of advanced module engineering at GlobalFoundries; David Shortt, technical fellow at KLA-Tencor; Gary Zhang, vice president of computational litho products at ASML; and Shay Wolfling, CTO…