Allchips: The agent of dozen original manufacturers

Allchips components platform has cooperated with over 1000 original manufacturers and authorized agents. In order to strengthen platform supply advantage, they agent lots of original manufacturers brands.

Allchips will have strong competitiveness in the electronic components industry.They have very large price and lead time advantage for these brands in the market.

Now, let’s look at the Allchips authorized lines:

1. NXP


Headquarter: Netherlands

Main Product: Automotive Products, Processors, RF, Sensors

Main Application: Processors & Microcontrollers (MCUs), Wireless, Automotive


2. Royalohm


Headquarter: Taiwan, China

Main Product: Coated Resistors, Chip Resistors, Power Resistors, Cement Resistors, Automobile Resistors

Main Application: Electronic Products


3. YFW


Headquarter: Dongguan, China

Main Product: General Rectification, Rapid Recovery, High Efficiency, Ultra-fast, Schottky, Bidirectional Trigger Tube, Rectifier Bridge, High Voltage and Instantaneous Surge Voltage Absorption, Switch, Voltage Regulator and other series

Main Application: Mobile Phone Chargers, Switch Power Supplies, LED Lighting Drive Power, Smart Meters, Smart Water Meters, Smart Appliances, Smart Sockets, Instrumentation Instruments, Consumer Electronics of TV and Display,etc




Headquarter: Zhongshan, China

Main Product: Ethernet Communication, Standard Parts, Power Transformer, Customized Parts: Network Transformer, RJ45 Socket (built-in network transformer), POE Transformer, Audio Transformer, Common Mode Inductors, Voice Separators, Power Supplies, Power Inductors, etc

Main Application: Ethernet Communication, Security, Industrial Control, Embedded System, Smart Meter, Smart Home, Electronic Telecommunications, etc


5. YXC


Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

Main Product: Programmable Crystals, Quartz Oscillator, Resonators, Clock Crystals, Ceramic Resonator, SAW Filter, etc

Main Application: Clocks and Watches, Security, Network Cameras, Digital Products, Car Digital, MID Tablet Computer, Network Communication, Base Station and Photoelectric Technology


 6. GPT


Headquarter: Beijing, China

Main Product: 600V/5A~50A,1200V/5A~50A and 1700V/10A etc of SiC Schottky Diodes Series

Main Application: PFC, UPS, photovoltaic inverter, electrombile, train traction, white household appliances, etc


7. Skywalker


Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

Main Product: PM2.5 Sensor

Main Application: Air Purifiers, Air Detectors, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Automotive Electronics, Air Conditioning Controls, etc


8. ST


Headquarter: Shanghai, China

Main Product: Switches, Voltage Regulation, Rectifier, Schottky, Trigger, TVS, MOSFET, Thyristor, Three-terminal Voltage Regulator, Triode, patch and plug-in program aluminum electrolytic capacitor, RFID and LED

Main Application: Industrial, Computer, Automotive, MOSFET Consumer, Telecommunications and Lighting Markets


9. King State


Headquarter: Taiwan, China

Main Product: Horn, Buzzer, Microphone

Main Application: Automobiles and Security that currently mainly abroad, Smart Home, Tablets, Drones, Medical Products, etc.




Headquarter: US

Main Product: Connectors, Wire Harnesses, Sockets, Terminals, etc.

Main Application: Wide Range of Applications, the First-line Brand


11. Banana Pi


Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

Main Product: Open Source Hardware (Development Board), Alternative to Raspberry Pi, Customized

Main Application: IOT, Smart Home, Banana Pi Open Source


12. CJ


Headquarter: Jiangyin, China

Main Product: Diode, Schottky Rectifier, Transistor, Darlington, Digital Transistor, Voltage Regulator, Thyristor, MOSFET, Energy-saving Lamp Charger, Switch Tube, Composite Tube

Main Application: Wide Range of Applications, General-purpose Device




Headquarter: Korea

Main Product: SiC, IGBT Module, MOSFET, CMOS

Main Application: Energy Internet, Charging Piles, New Energy Vehicles, Clean Energy Power Generation, High-power Switching Power Supplies and Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Military and Aerospace


14. Raspberry Pi


Headquarter: UK

Main Product: Open Source Hardware,Accessories

Main Application: Computing, Digital Marketing


 15. JYEG


Headquarter: Tangshan, China

Main Product: Crystal, Resonator

Main Application: Wide Range of Applications, General-purpose Device


16. Runic


Headquarter: Jiangsu,China

Main Product: Focus on High-performance, High-quality Analog / Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits, Mainly Operational Amplifiers, Analog Switches, Power Management, Data Converters, etc. Texas Instruments Alternatives


17. Hottech


Headquarter: Guangdong, China

Main Product: SMD Triode, SMD Diode, MOSFET Tube

Main Application: Power Supply, Wearable Digital Products, Home Appliances, Telecommunications Electronics, Automotive Electronics, instrumentation, Electronic Toys, Medical Electronics, Security Electronics,Aerospace and other fields.


18. Zenithtek


Headquarter: Taiwan, China

Main Product: SMD Inductor, Wire Wound Chip Inductor, Molding Power Inductor, Multilayer Chip Inductor, Film Inductor, Wire Wound Common Mode Filter and Transformers

Main Application: Consumer Electronics, Industrial Computers, Network Communications, Transmission Equipment, Storage Devices, etc


These original brands almost from China. If you need alternative parts, Allchips have greatest advantages.