Yageo Releases MLCC Price Adjustment Notice Again

The same day that Murata issued a notice of one-day shutdown due to typhoon, Yageo issued a MLCC price adjustment notice.

The general content of the notice is that the current MLCC still has a shortage of supply, and the company faces challenges in raw material supply and environment, so it decided to continue to adjust the price accordingly. At the same time, it will stop accepting orders with a lead time of more than one year.

The details of the notice are as follows:

To : Whom It May Concern


Date : 3 Sep 2018

MLCC – Price and Lead Time Adjustment

We continue to see demand oversupply situation for our MLCC product cover all ranges included commodity common low cap, middle & Hi-cap capacitor value spill over to year 2018 on specific product range.

At the backend. we still facing challenges on unpredictable raw material supply. environment control issue and shortage of skill worker to produce our product.
Our respective sales person in-charged will do the necessary action on the price adjustment accordingly.

We will continue to add more parts with this memo for products with lead time beyond 6 months and price adjustment. In addition, we start to stop taking order for critical item over 1 year lead lime parts.

We will do our best level to support our value customers during this light supply situation.

Thank you and Best Regards.


This is not the first or second times that Yageo mlcc price adjustment.

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