Where to Buy Electronic Components Online in India for Business

Where to Buy Electronic Components Online in India for Business? You can see this question many times in quora.

There are many Electronic Components retail stores in India, but not suitable for business.

Lots of manufacturers buy components from Digikey, Mouser, AVnet, TTI, Verical and more. These are very huge distributors. But they are expensive for India manufacturers. So many of Indian manufacturers find them from China. That’s a very good ideal.

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India is witnessing unprecedented growth as a developing country and this is also reflected on the electronic front. The market for electronic products is expected to continue its explosive growth with analysts expecting the industry to be worth about $130 billion this year 2018. This growth will no doubt be driven by rising local demands although about 70 percent of the total demands for electronic components are fulfilled through imports.

For the various companies; both small and large ones who are the drivers at the forefront of this electronic revolution, it is always a hard work trying to find a reliable components supplier from whom they can source their electronic components. Because of the unavailability of a good supply chain among other problems, these people whose profession and activities revolve around the use of quality electronic components often face a hard task.

Major problems electronic components users face in India

It’s no denying the fact that lots of electronic components distributors are gradually investing into e-commerce both to expand their own reach and enable the customers to buy conveniently on their own timetable. We’ll briefly discuss a few of the problem most people face after which we’ll then discuss the best place to buy electronic component online in India.

The “BOM” Problem –do you really need to purchase one by one?

For most buyers, purchasing electronic components online in India is still done the old-fashioned way, think telephone or fax. When you have to buy online from a distributor without a smooth and convenient BOM solution, then the process is still as painful and hard as it has always been. Take for instance a 100 “board in a box” PCBA with about 200 different parts. Imagine the pain if you have to purchase each part separately when you need this for work? Do you continue to repeat the same process of finding the part, clicking the details page, and adding part quantity over and over again? There’s got to be a way and there actually is!

 How do you ensure the quality of your electronic components?

Counterfeit and fake products are not only experienced in the electronics industry. It is seen in virtually every business sector and for an industry of this nature and potential; it is something most electronic technicians would have to be wary of. Looking at how the electronics industry works, lots of electronic wastes are often repackaged and reshaped in Asia which is the destination of about 87% of the world’s total electronic waste. Those products that are not completely destroyed are usually repackaged and retouched after which they then enter circulation again.

Such substandard products not only impact parts performance, they also pose security challenges. The possibility of falling victim to such products is high. The penalties for distributing counterfeit products is not quite stiff making it even more attractive to criminals who are interested in making excessive profits from the hard-earned cash of unsuspecting individuals. Coupled with the absence of effective legislation and an ever-increasing demand for components, most people who often engage in buying electronic components in India often have to contend with quality challenges but with Allchips, this too can become a thing of the past.

How do you justify excessive electronic parts and the problem of parts NO.?

A lot of people choose to buy from Avnet. Some buy from Mouser while some others prefer Digikey. What all of these distributors have in common are their excessive electronic components’ prices. For the small companies and electronic technicians who are the majority of users, this can pose a big problem. With all of these problems, where then do we recommend that you buy electronic components online in India?

Allchips: India’s best electronic components online marketplace

Allchips have come a long way and can easily lay claim to being the best place to buy electronic components online in India. The Allchips story is a truly inspiring one. The company which was founded by the Walsoon in 2007 has made a series of acquisitions and accomplishments over the years to become one of the best electronic component distributors globally. The electronic components supply chain platform has more than 100,000,000 parts in stock and is in partnership with about 2500 international brands with ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standard certifications.

Why Allchips?

Aside from the voluminous stock available and the credibility of Allchips, there are still a lot of other reasons why people who buy electronic components in India can rely on Allchips’ online platform to meet their components needs.

Along with working with partners that either meet or exceed international certification standards, Allchips sets out to make purchases easier, convenient, valuable, and hitch-free compared to most other distributors of electronic parts in India.

 BOM IN ONE BOX service

There is the smart and intelligent BOM service which eliminates the avoidable troubles associated with other distributors who fall short of this standard. The Allchips BOM IN ONE BOX is a one-stop purchasing and stocking service that makes it very easy and stress-free to place orders and purchases online without undergoing the usually rigorous repetitive processes.

  • Purchasing Service

With 30 professional purchasers having more than 5 years of experience in the field, the purchasing service is made much faster and responsive. BOM lists are typically replied within 6 hours and all electronic components in your BOM list are delivered “IN ONE BOX”.

  • Stocking service

Allchips new storage center of 2018 is meant to increase speed by as much as up to 10 times faster. This will eliminate most of the problems people often face as the storage capacity and the speed of delivery will both be greatly improved.

Allchips is a good choice to purchasing electronic components online. Especially in this components shortage time.