Tips for Hardware Startups about Electronic Components Sourcing

For hardware startups, one of the major problems often centers on sourcing components. During this growing phase of the business, the hardware startup team has fewer human resources. Most people on the team in most cases are usually engineers who are working full-time so they are fully committed to the company’s core duties. How then does the startup manage their supply chain? While a lot of teams often have the manager doing the purchase part-time, the process puts the firm at a greater disadvantage.

What if you source components yourself? Lots of headaches!

Many teams normally have the manager taking up the role of outsourcing components on a part-time basis but the process does more harm than any good it seems to have. Rather than try to manage this in-house, outsourcing your components or delegating the sourcing of components to other competent entities and professionals is a far better thing to do. It takes a lot of time and can as well come at a greater price and cost.

Efficiency and productivity reasons

There are a lot of things involved when you engage in purchasing your components on a part-time basis. The manager in charge of sourcing the component will need to search parts and compare price one by one. This on its own will take considerable time and will hinder that individual from fully performing their core duties. Efficiency and productivity are definitely hampered in this case. When this happens continuously, it will definitely impede the growth and success of such a company.

Other headaches

Along with the problem of time and costs and how they impact productivity, you’ll still have to be wary of falling victim to counterfeit components which are rampant in the market today. It is also equally hard to find quality components meaning you may have to spend more time searching around for the right parts. Other problems you would have to contend with include the lead time, EOL components, import problems, as well as high prices as we discussed above.

Long-term hardware lifetime

When you have your sights on the big picture, you’d quite understand the need to have your electronic components sourcing handled by the right hands. If you’d need high-quality components that will last very long, it may be somehow hard considering you’d be partly committed to sourcing these components. With the market filled with many substandard, fake, or counterfeit components, the need to ensure you only work with quality hardware with a longer useful life is very much important. How then can you ensure you do not run into trouble sourcing your components the wrong way? Allchips is the answer!


Allchips – a one-stop solution for electronics component sourcing

Expertise and professionalism are two of those things you need to up your game and with Allchips Limited, you’re more than able. It’s high time you let professionals handle the components sourcing aspect of your business in a similarly professional way so it does not affect any area of your business negatively. It’s no doubt your current process is lacking in expertise and connection much of which Allchips have to make global sourcing a very simple thing.

Additionally, delegating your components sourcing service to Allchips will also save you significant time and effort in a team with a little capacity of human resources. Because the firm also has over 10,000,000 parts in its stock sourced from thousands of original manufacturers and authorized agents, you’ll not only enjoy top-notch quality but you’ll also enjoy some of the most competitive prices in the market for products of this type of quality.

Also, you’ll have less to worry about in terms of bureaucracy as the firm will easily handle the paperwork as it relates to purchase orders, customs forms as well as certifications associated with sourcing your electronic components. All of these advantages are further enhanced by the smoothness and intelligence of the Allchips BOM IN ONE BOX to easily sort out all of the problems of the component supply chain.

This BOM service ensures a top-notch customer experience with the processes involved in helping hardware entrepreneurs manage their supply chain. Not only will users get n unrivaled ordering and purchasing experience but the process is also designed to take the weight of the process of the buyer’s shoulder. The Allchips BOM service comes with lots of features and advantages that include;

  • Intelligent recognizing
  • Risk management
  • Cost calculation
  • Replacement solution
  • Whole supply chain, among others

Why you should consider Allchips for your electronic components sourcing and purchase

In essence of what we’ve been discussing above, there are simple but still very impactful advantages why Allchips, amongst a host of other distributors, should be specially considered to handle your electronics component sourcing.

While this will guarantee professionalism and expertise, your business will also benefit from greater efficiency and productivity. Thus, you’re more positioned on a better path for more growth.

You’ll also enjoy competitive prices from about 1000 original manufacturers and authorized agents. Allchips has over 100,000,000 parts in stock so you know the lead times will be considerably shorter. As a company that wants to grow, you can’t afford to continue wasting time unnecessarily forever for parts that will not arrive.

You can also count on the quality of the components you get as the components in stock are supplied by partners with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications among a host of other international certification standards. Thus, you’ll easily escape the headaches and troubles associated with buying faulty or fake components. For most startups, this can prove very disadvantageous.

Allchips BOM IN ONE BOX is also another core advantage you stand to benefit offering a lot more ease and convenience to the whole supply process. When you combine all of these with the exceptional after sales support offered at Allchips, it will become easier and clearer to see just how this distributor is the perfect partnership your hardware startup needs to achieve its various developmental goals.