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Vice President and Director of Listed Company, Terry Joined Allchips as the Vice President of Marketing.

Terry has engaged in the electronic industry for 13 years. He worked in the Ellingtonpcb company holding the position senior marketing manager for 8 years before being the vice present in Stariver Circuites company. So he has rich experience in the business development and management. Along with Terry’s joining and the gradual improvement of Allchips management team, Allchips is bound to bring more high-quality purchase experience to the middle and small-sized enterprises in the filed of the electronic components.

Allchips vice president Terry
Allchips vice president Terry

As one tool of advanced productivity, the Internet has permeated every traditional industry and caused a wave of industrial Internet. As a new generation’s entrepreneur, Liuqi,LI forecast that the Internet would bring efficient improvement to the industry, so he established the Allchips . By the end of this year, Allchips has completed three rounds financing and is rewarded as a national high-tech enterprise in 2017.

“The market of the e-commerce platform of electronic components is full of competition, which is essentially to reduce the distribution of agents, to build a bridge between the end users and the original factories and the first-class agents. However, as one of domestic outstanding supply chain platform, Allchips has formed an unique feature, which always regards the efficiency as one of the core competitiveness for their platform. That drew my attention and appealed to me most ” said Terry. As the post-90s play a more and more important role in various industries, Allchips’s operation model is favored by more and more engineers and purchasers of the middle and small-sized enterprises because they are tried of using the traditional phone, email or interview to develop and manage the suppliers, which is inundated with low-efficiency communication in their daily work. Intelligent BOM solution can cater to the eager requirement of Standardization, visualization and intelligence to work for new comers to the electronic components industry. By virtue of the satisfactory BOM tool experience, Allchips will gather the traffic of the platform, to naturally guide them to experience the self-purchase service.


In 2018, the core task of Allchips is to emulate the mature experience of the self-purchase model and to reach industry agreement with more professional service providers in the field of the electronic components, which facilitates to export the service and capacity of Allchips to the partners, further to enhance the influence in the industry. It is believed that Terry’s joining will bring more powerful impetus to Allchips.


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