Toshiba boosts in-car audio amplifier range

TCB001FNG is based upon a complementary MOS process with n and p-channel DMOS fets. Supply can vary across 6 to 18V, allowing operation while the engine is idling or cranking.

“The product includes functions to detect and prevent abnormal noise with Toshiba’s original filtering technology,” said the firm. “This is particularly applicable in situations when a device emitting high frequency noise such as a mobile phone is brought close to the audio system.

The outputs are bridges. 45W is only available at the slightly unrealistic Vcc of 15.2V. At a more normal 14.4V, this reduces to 40W, or to 26W if distortion (THD) below 10% is required. Once output drops to 4W, THD=0.01% can be had. Typical test in the data sheet are done at Vcc=13.2V.

In-built functions include mute, standby and offset detection, then thee is protection against over-voltage, short to Vcc, short to GND and output-to-output shorts, as well as thermal shut-down, .

“Replacing the popular HZIP leaded package, is housed in a flat HSSOP surface mount package. This package style contributes to system reliability and reduces assembly complexity and cost,” claimed Toshiba.

Mass production has started.

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