Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018

Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018

Demand for electronic components is rising all around the world in 2018, along with the reduction in production output of several original manufacturers. It is causing a “perfect storm” in electronic components supply chain, from memory chips to MOSFET, even MCU like STM32 which was rumored to have a lead time of 88 weeks. Though it was clarified from STMicroelectronics after that, we can feel people’s panic and shortage market situation.

An end-of-life ic with part number RF2360TR13 is sold at auction in Shenzhen China in 16th Aug this year. Its final price is 550,000 RMB for one tray(2500pcs). Price for RAM is doubled from ¥470 to ¥939 in half year time.



Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018
Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018
Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018
Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018

Price rising is not the worse situation. Stock out is.

For purchaser of end-user, stock out means meeting everyday, calling and email everywhere, OT and even station at the factory.

For officer of authorized agents, stock out means call from the end-user and blame or even curse in end-user factory, and on allocation from original manufacturer.

For sales of trading company, stock out is happiness combined with sadness for customer everywhere and stock nowhere.

What’s The Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018?

As a global platform for electronic components service, allchips is trusted by tens of thousands of customer around the world. Allchips is facing the same problem as every customer is experiencing now–shortage in electronic components. But there are always solutions.

Allchips has deep cooperation with more than 1000 original brand manufacturers and authorized agents like Panasonic and NXP, Yageo and Banana PI. Covering 90% of the mainstream electronic components, from integrated circuits, sensor, relay, LED driver, resistor to capacitor, transistor, connector, switch and PCB, allchips has a strong power on supply chain management and huge amount of resource. For small amount stock needs, allchips can search stock data from authorized agents and provide the items with shortest delivery time; for large amount lead time order, allchips cooperate with original directly and can get a really competitive price and lead time for customer. Let’s learn more about advantage of allchips:

  1. Panasonic: authorized agent of Panasonic;
  2. NXP/Freescale: IDH of NXP, and working directly with NXP;
  3. Texas Instrument: directly working with Texas China office;
  4. ADI: directly working with ADI China office;
  5. Molex /Wurth: directly working with Molex original factory China office;
  6. ST: directly working with ST and their agents
  7. Infineon: directly working with Infineon and their agents
  8. Renesas: directly working with their agents and China office
  9. AVX/Murata/TDK: directly working with their agents and China office
  10. Vishay/ON Semi/Diodes/Fairchild: directly working with their agents
  11. Coilcraft/Mini: directly working with the original factories
Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018 (2)
Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018

Here post some hot stock with reference quote:


Part number Brand Stock MOQ Lead Time Reference Price
ADM706SARZ-REEL ADI 30,000 2500 3-7DAYS $0.216
ADM483EARZ-REEL ADI 30,000 2500 3-7DAYS $0.295
OP07CSZ-REEL ADI 10,000 2500 3-7DAYS $0.318
UCC28C45DR TI 20,000 2500 3-7DAYS $0.278
ISO1050DWR TI 16,000 2000 3-7DAYS $0.947
AMC1200BDWVR TI 15,000 1000 3-7DAYS $1.00
HCPL-7840-OOOE AVAGO 10,000 500 3-7DAYS $11.00
ACPL-C87H-500E AVAGO 3000 3000 3-7DAYS $12.28
6N137-560E AVAGO 30,000 1000 3-7DAYS $1.95
UJA1079ATW/5V0/WD NXP 2000 105 3-7DAYS $1.34
UJA1078ATW/3V3/WD NXP 2000 250 3-7DAYS $1.315
UJA1076ATW/5V0WD NXP 2000 320 3-7DAYS $1.431


Last but not least, we want to show you the intelligent BOM management tool of Allchips.

Nowadays, there are many professional PCBA OEM/EMS help many small customers SMT their PCB board, provide their end customers the finished electronic module. But as we visited many OEM/EMS manufacturers, they also meet many problems make their professional work not efficient, and the main concern is their bad electronic component supply chain capability.

Here Allchips offer the one-stop intelligent BOM management tool highly improve the OEM/EMS efficiency and success in the following points:

  1. Help the OEM/EMS manufactures win more orders. Before they need 5 purchasers 2-4weeks to offer 1 BOM cost to their customers, now with help of Allchips, they can offer whole BOM in 1 day. Allchips use the intelligent BOM system and big components data match the BOM list parts.
  2. Highly reduce the OEM/EMS customer loss rate. Before OEM/EMS always order some fake or refurbished parts, it make them have 30% customer loss rate. Allchips only offer the original parts. Till now, there are 1000 original factories and authorized agents and franchised distributors worked with Allchips. From the first hand sources, Allchips control the quality.
  3. Reduce the components cost. Allchips make use of all those 1000 original sources to offer the best cost price to them compared to OEM/EMS before only several traders sources.
  4. Increase OEM/EMS customer repeat orders. High quality, high efficiency and low cost bring more and more repeat order from the old customers, also bring them many new customers.
  5. 1 days BOM quotation, 1 week delivery also bring the end users more competitive power to win the markets. The makers or small customers no need wait 1 month or more time to bring their new product to the market.
  6. Risk avoidance. Allchips also can give the BOM parts like EOL parts, non-Rohs parts, single-source parts remind, and offer some replaced parts to make the projects run successfully.

Allchips hopes to cooperate with our customer with a long term partnership, from the bottom of our heart. We are willing to grow up with customer and to face and to experience and to solve all the problems in electronic industry. Let’s do it!


Solution for Electronic Component Shortages in 2018: Find electronic comoponents online service platform – Allchips to solve your problem.



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