Metal plate shunt resistors handle high currents

KOA metal power shunts at TTI

Added to the PS series, and being stocked in Europe by TTI, they are constructed from solid metal alloy resistance element with copper terminals for what is claimed to be superior corrosion and heat resistance, along with excellent pulse resistance and long-term stability.


Applications include accurate current sensing up to 244A (model PSJ2 0.2m ; 12W) in automotive and industrial applications, including in sensing pulses.


Rated power dissipation is 10W for 0.5m? versions and 8W for 1m? types at a maximum +75°C terminal part temperature.


Resistance tolerance is ±1% and a temperature coefficient is ±50/±75ppm/K.


Operation is over -65°C to +175°C, and all products are fully RoHS compliant and AEC-Q200 qualified.



terminals size (inch)  range
PSJ2 2 3920 244A (0.2m ) to 54A (2m )
PSL2 2 2512 163A (0.3m ) to 126A (0.5m )
PSG4: 4 2725 141A (0.5m ) to 89A (1m )
PSF4 4 1216 100A (0.5m ) to 54A (1m )


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