Renesas adds secure flash update to industrial MCUs with 2D graphics

Renesas RX65N development board

Features include:


    • Encryption key protection


    • Hardware encryption accelerators for AES, 3DES, and SHA


    • true random number generator


    • Protect boot code storage


“The expanded RX65N/RX651 devices support security and reprogrammability needs, offering integrated enhanced flash protection, and other technology to create a secure and stable integrated solution, as proven by the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation [CAVP] certification,” said the firm.


For human-machine interface, the two ranges include a TFT controller and 2D graphic acceleration.


“Selecting a WQVGA display allows the 640kbyte of on-chip RAM to be used as display frame buffer, which saves external RAM,” said Renesas.


The RXv2 core and 40nm process allow 4.55 Core Mark/MHz performance.


Using the new security features, according to the firm, end users will be able to:


    • Monitor the operating state of machinery from inside and outside a factory


    • Exchange data for making changes to production instructions


    • Reprogram the MCU’s memory to update equipment settings


Dual bank flash is included to support in-the-field firmware updates.


There is a board support package, which controls the common information for functions like initial MCU, clock, and board settings, and “the new Envision Kit provides an evaluation environment that allows engineers to benchmark MCU performance and start developing their own software,” said Renesas.


The RX65N starter kit includes a development board with MCU, display, on-chip debugger, trial C compiler and integrated development environment.




Code flash

1.0Mbyte or less

Code flash

1.5Mbyte or more

RX65N RX651 RX65N RX651
Frequency 120MHz
Vcc 2.7 – 3.6V
Memory Code Flash 512, 768kbyte, 1Mbyte 1.51,2.01Mbyte
Dualbank function Yes
BGO function Yes
Data Flash 32kbyte
SRAM 256kbyte 640kbyte(256+384)
DMA DMAC x 8 channels, Data Transfer Controller (DTC), EXDMAC x 2 channels
External Bus 8/16bit separate/multiplex, SDRAM 8/16/32bit separate/multiplex, SDRAM
Timer General Purpose Timer Multi-function timer unit (MTU3):

16bit x 8 channels +3 2bit x 1 channel

Timer pulse unit (TPU):


16bit x 6 channels

Timer (TMR):


8bit x 4 channels

Compare match timer:


16bit(CMT) x 4 channels + 32bit(CMTW) x 2 channels

RTC with battery back-up 1 channel
Indepedent watchdog / watchdog 1 channel / 1 channel
Communication Interface Serial comms interface /

Serial comms interface with FIFO

11 channels / 2 channels
I2C bus 2 channels 3 channels
SPI 3 channels
Quad serial peripheral interface 1 channel
Ethernet, EDMAC 1 channel 1 channel
USB2.0 full speed 1 channel (host/function/OTG)
CAN 2 channels
SD host interface/

SD slave interface

1 channel / 1 channel
MMC host interface 1 channel
Analog ADCs 12bit x 8 channels (with 3ch S%26H) +

12bit x 21 channels

DACs 2bit x 2 channels
Security AES Yes Yes (Built in Trusted secure IP)
True random number generator (TRNG) Yes Yes (Built in Trusted secure IP)
Trusted Secure IP Yes
Human machine interface CMOS camera interface PDC

(parallel data capture)

1 channel
Graphic Graphic LCD controller 1 channel
2D drawing engine Yes
Other CRC32, Data operation circuit, port output enable 3, event link controller, temperature sensor
Package 100 LFQFP (0.5mm pitch, 14x14mm)

144 LFQFP (0.5mm pitch, 20x20mm)

100 TFLGA (0.65mm pitch, 7x7mm)

145 TFLGA (0.5mm pitch, 7x7mm)


(0.5mm pitch, 24x24mm)



(0.8mm pitch, 13x13mm)



(0.5mm pitch, 8x8mm)


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