How does Allchips guarantee no fake components on their platform

August 17, 2017, Allchips has been approved as “National high-tech enterprises” in China. With over 25% of the technical engineers, and 40% of the input for R&D department, Allchips has its professional Intelligent BOM service based on BIG Data, and visiable searcing, cost controlling, risk controlling, service is very popular in electronic components area.

National high-tech enterprises
National high-tech enterprises

October 27, 2017, Allchips won 2017 China’s top 50 enterprises in innovation in the “2017 second China B2B Summit”. This represents China’s recognition of this innovative model.

2017 China’s top 50 enterprises in innovation
2017 China’s top 50 enterprises in innovation

Allchips won 10 million of A Round Investment in January 2018

Allchips has gained a lot of honors because we have a firm conscience to help small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to solve the problem of purchasing.We are on the way to change it.

Allchips has over 10,000,000 SKU in its catalog. These components are sourced from over 1000 original factories and authorized first agents. Allchips has a distribution agreement with these companies and helps to ensure end users get unrestricted access to electronic components they may need for certain projects.

With so much quantity in the catalog, how does Allchips still guarantee quality and make sure there are no fake components?

First Case

The first method is when Allchips itself makes the first move. The company tries to contact good and qualified original manufacturers and first agents. In this case, Allchips would have done its job of proper research before contacting any company.

Before Allchips makes contact, the company must have been found out to have a long-standing history of credibility and quality services. This is then capped with the verification of the company’s business license and agency certificate. Any company that passes through all these verification steps is deemed credible and Allchips deals only with those kinds of companies. These types of manufacturers don’t produce sub-standard or fake electronic components.

Second Case

Secondly, Manufacturers and authorized first agents can also apply to partner with Allchips online.These manufacturers will have to make contact through the official Allchips company website. After this, then Allchips tries to make research and verifications of such companies. The verification of business licenses and agency certificates will then follow. By going through this step, Allchips is able to limit their partnership to only companies that are credible and known for quality.

The processes above have helped Allchips to maintain the quality, efficiency and durability of every single electronic component in their stock. Thus you are sure that at Allchips, the quality of the component you want cannot be compromised.

Unlike some other distributors who rush to partner with manufacturers of dubious and untested standings, Allchips only strive for quality and perfection. This is shown in their partnerships and dealings. All of these gestures are geared towards making their burgeoning customer base happy and satisfied. This makes perfect sense since Allchips is a customer-oriented company.

Since the early days of Allchips, the company has been known to always strive for customer satisfaction. Along with the presence of a voluminous stock of high-quality components, Allchips provides you with the best online experience when you need electronic components online service through the company’s online platform. The BOM system in use is the best you can get anywhere.

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